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Wanna Laugh?

Then read Dave Barry’s latest.  But I warn you, don’t have a mouth full of hot coffee, cuz you just might spray it all over your keyboard.

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  • Tony,

    That was hilarious! Thanks for pointing me to the article.


  • Holy crap!

    That was easily the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

    [Oh the puns…”emerging humor” wah ha haha]


  • Dan

    Oh my goodness…I’m at work and everyone is staring at me asking why I can’t stop laughing. I want to keep reading but I can’t finish it.

    Tony…this is hilarious.

  • I didn’t believe you, Tony. I even got my mug out of the microwave while the page was loading in anticipation of reading it. Now I am wiping coffee off of my laptop computer. Thanks!

  • Sam

    I am doing some work in a coffee shop and this article practically had me falling out of my seat! Good thing I am only 26…I’ve got some time to procrastinate…or maybe do one of those colon cleansers before having to drink the sludge in the liter bottle!

  • Made me laugh like only Dave Barry can. Thanks. Looking forward to chatting at NPC this week.

  • Brian

    Thanks for the fantastic laugh! I needed that!

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