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Which Beard?

Because I’m going back in time and becoming a 1908 revivalist in a month, I’ve been growing out my beard.

Facial hair was all the rage in 1908.  Now the question is, which style to choose?  Personally, I’m leaning toward the Franz Joseph.

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  • I never knew what I wore. Now I know it is a La Souvarov. Come to the dark side Dude!!!

  • Definitely the friendly mutton chops

  • now the Napolean III… that’s what you call a “soul patch” with attitude!

  • I do find it funny that based on the Road Show tour, we here in Grand Rapids are considered to be on the “East Coast.”

  • tjelite007

    Dude you totally have to go with the French Fork!

  • The chin curtain is killer.

  • I’d have to go with the Hulihee. Though it might need its own room.

  • If you can work up the handlebars in a month, I’d vote for the ‘Handlebar and Chin Puff’. But I had a ‘Chin Curtain’ for a week, and found it really comfortable– the style aided in gustation, and it wasn’t too hot.

  • French Fork…definitely.

    To Bad you do not have enough time.

  • Definitely the Napolean, minus the mustache. We call that the molestache in Murfreesboro. Grow it out real long and then braid it so it looks like someone grew a tower on your chin. I know a guy who has one and it makes him super-cool. But then again facial hair is a real hassle…

  • Tony Jones = Handlebar and Chin Puff

    Doug Pagitt = Chin Curtain

    Mark Scandrette = Friendly Mutton Chops OR Hulihee

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Dude…go with the Balbo…it will go nice with your cheekbones and your wife may still want to kiss you.

  • Len

    Handle Bar and Chin Puff would make you look like Doc Holiday in Tombstone.

  • Ian

    Dude. Either Hulihee or Van Dyke.

    For obvious reasons — Ian

  • Sam

    Go with the chin curtain!

  • Franz all the way.

  • napoleon 3 all the way!


  • mutton chops please!!!

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  • I vote for “friendly mutton chops.” By the way, why are they friendlier than regular chops?

  • Trucker Frank

    The “thing” I wore in the vids was referred to as a “soupcurtain” by a friend, so it has been shortened and the mustache crawled back on my upper lip. I let the goat get out of hand when I found out Doug P’s soul patch is as long as it gets. We had to show him up! Beard envy.

  • I must say that, while all of the above beards are quite enticing, only one is actually deserving of being called a beard – the short, boxed beard. Tony, for goodness sake! You’re from Minnesota!! Could you really get up the guts to visit Lake Woebegone sporting any other beard? I don’t think so. Garrison Keillor would not be happy.

  • Theresa

    Balbo or a La Souvarov for sure

  • Gail

    The Hulihee guy is looking way too much like a mustachioed Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria to me.
    The Handlebar would work if you wanted to be a villian tying Pauline to the railroad tracks.
    1908 revivalist? I say Balbo or VanDyke.

  • I wear a modified chin curtain myself. You never go wrong with Amish chic.

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