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Is Christianity Really Reforming Itself? [Questions That Haunt]

Questions That Haunt Christianity

This Question That Haunts comes from a long-time reader, Lausten North, who wrote in one of our first questions, way back when. This week’s question has to do with the reformation (and Reformation) of Christianity:

This Obama prayer breakfast has really got me riled up. I can ignore the vitriolic responses, those are expected, but I keep hearing this phrase “Christianity reformed itself”. It takes so much unpacking it’s hard to make it into a question. Can you provide any insight into this? When did this reform take place and which Christians are the reformed ones? The Reformation involved a lot of killing from what I’ve read. I see Christians responding to outside forces, laws being made against apostasy punishments, divine rights turning into nation-states, Constitutions limiting powers. There seems to be a trend to say even Catholics aren’t “real” Christians, which opens a whole ‘nother problem of definition.

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