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Tony Jones

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How To Be Hauerwas

Being named “America’s Best Theologian” in 2001 was a bit like being crowned the “World’s Best Zeppelin Pilot” in 1940. But that’s been the burden and the mantle upon Stanley Hauerwas since Time magazine anointed him with that title....

I’m Feeling Thirsty #KillerSerials

Killer Serials a partnership between Theoblogy and Pop Theology. Ryan Parker and I are tackling a new mini-series, Breakthrough, airing Sunday nights on NatGeo. Read on for our thoughts on the final two episodes.Find all the posts in the series HERE. RP: Breakthrough ends...

My New Normal

I’m on a trip today, my last work-related trip until PYM. And I don’t have another scheduled after that. It’s funny, but it turns out that the attacks of enemies and the resulting damage to my career actually prepared...

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